The Dragon's Eye

©Pumpkin - May 20th 1998

Scene 3:

The courtyard, afternoon.

There should be several shrubs and trees. Center stage there is a semi circular bench made of stone. Upstage left, there is a stone statue of a dragon, with a yellow gemstone eye hidden behind some vines. The gemstone should be able to be removed easily. There should also be a tree stage left.

Enter stage right OPAL, GARNET and TOPAZ.

OPAL: Here we are. It is best to start searching. The sun seems to be moving quickly.

TOPAZ: Thou cannot order me around! We shall search when I say so! … Begin searching for the stone.

OPAL sits on the bench. TOPAZ walks over to a bush and starts looking through it. GARNET picks up TOPAZ's foot and looks underneath it. OPAL laughs. TOPAZ slaps GARNET's hand. MALACHITE enters stage left, hides behind a tree.

GARNET: There doth not seem to be anything under here. Maybe over here?

Walks over to OPAL and tries to look under her skirts, but jumps back when she zaps him with her finger.

GARNET: Ow! What was that for?

OPAL: Try that again and you will get more then just a shock. Thou might just be a turnip if you do not watch it.

TOPAZ sees vines

TOPAZ: Perhaps the statue is here?

Vines fall away

OPAL: Is this what you are looking for? (Smiles at TOPAZ)

TOPAZ: Ah ha! I hath found the gemstone that will cure my king!

MALACHITE: No! It cannot be! (Starts to recite a spell weaving his finger through the air chanting)

Weave one, the spell's begun,
Weave two, no power undo,
Weave three, so shall it be,
Weave four, forever more,
Weave five, the aura's alive,
Weave six, it's magic fix,
Weave seven, below my heaven,
Weave eight, work winds of fate,
Weave nine, to my design!

TOPAZ is thrown to the ground

OPAL: Beware! He seeks to stop you hold fast!

TOPAZ: Whatever is the matter, dear Lady?

OPAL: He draws near! Do not approach the statue Malachite has surrounded it with an aura of pure power! If you go near it, you will surely perish!

MALACHITE comes out from behind the tree

MALACHITE: How clever Opal! Thou certainly did surprise me. How surprising. You hath such a large brain to retain all my information of the life? A mere woman is all thou are. Thou shall go back to the cell where thee belongs. Ye have not yet defeated me and thou shall never defeat any man. (Turns to the knights) I am very disappointed in ye. Ye take orders from a woman? How low can this kingdom sink? I hear the Queen hath taken control of Ho for as long as her husband is ill. Well, that will not be for long! I shall be the next ruler of Ho!

OPAL: I see thou have lost some of thy skills, intelligence and thy ability to go about unnoticed.

MALACHITE: How amusing thou are. The King shall die! I alone shall be the ruler of Ho!

The two knights pounce on MALACHITE and hold him down. OPAL takes a deep breath walks to the statue, she closes her eyes, concentrates and grabs the gem. MALACHITE screams out in pain.

GARNET: Only the new ways shall win this fight. Thou cannot bring back the past! It is dead and gone! (Sticks his tongue out)

OPAL walks over to TOPAZ and gives him the stone.

OPAL: Sir Knight, you are the only one who can carry this stone to the king and cure him. I must leave thou for the rest of thy quest but all troubles are not over. Keep a close eye on Malachite. I will restrain his power so he cannot cause any more trouble for you. (Snaps her fingers.)


OPAL: Done then. (Exits)

GARNET: Why is it that ye always receive the best honors?

TOPAZ: Never mind that, we must see to the King. The sun is setting fast!

They run off dragging MALACHITE.


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