The Dragon's Eye

©Pumpkin - May 20th 1998

Scene 2:

The main hall, the next morning, near noon.

There is a large tapestry located upstage center. On it, there is a large crest of a dragon. There is a fireplace center stage left. A large clock sits on its mantel. A door is situated center stage right.


TOPAZ: Piece that tells time? That could only be a clock!

GARNET: No, it could be a sundial!

TOPAZ: Doth thou mind? I am trying to concentrate! This is, after all, my quest. Thou are only the comic relief.

OPAL: Now you two no quarreling! We must concentrate. For if we doth not find the "Eye", the kingdom will be thrown into disarray. Things will revert back to the old ways.

TOPAZ: That reminds me, how is it that thou know about such things as the "Eye"? Thou are, after all, a mere female! Thou are not even of the true religion!

OPAL: Judge not others, lest ye be judged! Just because I am a woman, and of another religion, it doth not mean that I am inferior to thou, Sir Knight. All people are created equal.

GARNET: Dear me! Look at the time! It's nearly noon. This clock cannot be correct! I hath not yet had my pre-lunch meal!

TOPAZ: Try thinking with thy head, not thy stomach… did ye say clock? Where pray tell?

GARNET: Why, it doth seem to be right over there. (Points)

TOPAZ: I hath found it!

GARNET: Ye hath found it! I think not! It was I!

TOPAZ: It is my quest.

GARNET: Oh really! (He jumps on TOPAZ)

They begin to fight

OPAL: Stop at once! Do as I command!

They continue to fight

OPAL: Fine! (She begins weaving her fingers through the air)

By the four powers,
Of fire and water,
Of earth and air,
By the life in the blood,
Be stopped!

TOPAZ and GARNET are torn from each other. They continue to fight air. They attempt to fight each other but they cannot get close to each other.

TOPAZ: Release me at once, Opal!

OPAL snaps her fingers and both knights fall to the ground, exhausted.

TOPAZ: For what reason did ye interfere with the business at hand?

GARNET: What! Ye mean there was a point to this? I thought there was no point to senseless violence. (Laughs to himself)

TOPAZ: I hath given up on thee!

OPAL: I think we better save our energy for finding the map. Why don't we go search the clock?

TOPAZ rushes over to the clock and dismantles it and fiddles with the parts.

TOPAZ: There is nothing here! We hath been tricked! There is no such map!

OPAL: Do not let your eyes deceive you like that. Sir Garnet, what do you see?

GARNET: (Walks over to the dragon crest) Did thou say that the map was near the clock? (Begins pacing back and forth, but trips and bashes into the tapestry. The map falls on the floor.) By Jove, I doth think I hath found it!

TOPAZ: (Grabs it) I am victorious!

GARNET: We are victorious.

TOPAZ: (Reads the map out loud)

Seek what ye are seeking in the gardens of Ho.
To achieve what thou wish, ye must seek
The eye of the stone beholder!

OPAL: I see. We have our work cut out for us. The courtyard is where Malachite is the most powerful because it is out in the open. He has not put any traps out for us yet but once we get outside, he shall. So I would watch your backs if I were you two, for he might be more trouble then we can imagine.

TOPAZ: I can handle everyone and everything! Not a single soul will stand between me and saving my king!

GARNET: Ye cannot handle the pressure, my old friend. (Smiles)

OPAL: We better leave now before it's to late!

They all exit, GARNET trips clumsily behind them.


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