The Dragon's Eye

ŠPumpkin - May 20th 1998

Scene 4:

The Kings sitting room.

The set is the same as in scene one. The KING is still lying on the divan and the QUEEN is seated in the chair the closest to the divan, upstage right. Enter OPAL.

OPAL: Amethyst, my dear. Is there any change, any at all?

QUEEN: No. Hath ye had any good fortune in finding the gemstone?

OPAL: Yes. We have found it, along with another surprise.

Enter TOPAZ and GARNET with MALACHITE in chains. They dump him on the floor.

QUEEN: Oh my! Malachite what a charming surprise. I never thought to see thou again after my Lord had established the new ways and banished the old.

MALACHITE: I have come back to kill the new. Thou shall never get rid of me in they lifetime. I shall win!!

TOPAZ hits him on the back of the head. MALACHITE falls on the floor unconscious.

OPAL: May I leave Amethyst?

QUEEN: Of course.

OPAL exits

TOPAZ: My Queen, I have the stone that will cure the true King. May I proceed?

QUEEN: Proceed at will Sir Knight.

TOPAZ: (Chants)

By the power of fire,
By the power of earth,
By the power of air,
By the power of water,
By the life in the blood,
Be stopped, foul poison.
Let the evil return to whence it cometh.
Let thy words be unto thee,
As thou would have them be to me.
I banish this spell. So mote it be!

TOPAZ places the stone upon the king's heart. The king jumps up with a shock, looks around confused.

KING: I demand to know what is going on here! Sir Knight, hath I called upon thee? Dear Queen what hath happened? Ye look so pale!

QUEEN: Thou shalt know in good time.

GARNET: A most amazing trick!

KING: Malachite, I should have known thou was going to fight my new ways of equality. Ye think that ye should be the only important sorcerer in this kingdom. I banish thee from the kingdom of Ho!

TOPAZ takes the KING's arm and helps him off stage with the rest following him leaving MALACHITE.

MALACHITE: All of thou will see, I shall win yet. I am never going to be defeated! The old ways shall last forever. The women shall slave to our commands and have no power over us. No one, especially not mere women, shall defeat the all and mighty Malachite. They shall all see who the rightful Lord is. 'Tis I Malachite, the ruler of the old ways! (Whispers while crawling away) Oh they will see the wrath of the mighty sorcerer Malachite! (Exit)


KING: Now I doth understand! Where hath Malachite fled to? We must seek him out!

TOPAZ: My good right arm and my heart are ever at your service, my King.

KING: Sir Knight, thou played a very important role in curing my illness. I shall doth wish to bestow an honor upon thee that will express my gratitude towards thee.

TOPAZ: That is not needful, to know that ye are well, and that thy kingdom is in thy hands is suffice.

KING: Thou are a poor subject to disobey the wishes of your king. (Laughs)

TOPAZ: On the contrary, I would rather that ye aid the women and people of other religion in their quest to be treated as equals. This is what I have learned this day. I hath learned this from the wise Opal.

KING: Ah yes! Where is she?

GARNET: No one knows, she hath gone!

KING: No matter. Sit Topaz, it shall be as ye say!

They all exit

The End

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