T'lek and Sazath


This is the story of how T'lek was chosen by Sazath. (©SunBlind)

Telek is a young man (more like an old boy) who had lived in a weyr all his life. This showed in his strong body and in his sunbleached blond hair. He also enjoyed to gamble with the rest of the weryfolk. Often found playing cards or other games, he also often won, much to the other riders dismay. Unfortunately, he also had a bit of a temper. Once, when accused of cheating, a fight broke out. It took the combined roar of all the dragons to stop the two combatants. One wouldn't know that now, considering what a close friendship came of it.

Finally the day came when the Queen dragon laid a clutch. A Search was conducted to find young girls who might Impress the queen egg, most of the males coming from the weyr itself. Up until now Telek had been overlooked as a potential candidate because of his temper, but it had been a while since he had gotten into trouble because of it. Many thought he would become a fine rider, and that a dragon to ease his mind, would help his unintentional outbursts.

And the day came when all stood upon the sands watching the eggs rocking, on the verge of hatching. Telek, for the first time in his life and even though he would never admit it to himself, was a little afraid.

And these are the fire-lizards that T'lek impressed while at Riveth's Weyr:

The lovely lady Laya

The handsome Joll

The playful Dell

Name: Sazath
Rider: T'lek
Color: Brown (male)
Parents: Gold Vyrianath x Bronze Noth
Weyr: Riveth's Weyr (Agency closed)