L'rum and Homaleth


L'rum and Homaleth's Impression story. (©SunBlind)

"Larum, his cough is starting up again. I know you're not a healer yet but I hate to see my uncle suffer so." Larum looked up at the girl in his doorway, then running his hand through his brown hair replied, "I'll see what I can do."

He followed her to her uncle's room. Already at the other end of the hall he could hear the coughing. It did sound pretty bad. The girl opened the door for him but didn't go in. Everyone was afraid of catching the cold that was going around. But at least everyone who did catch it recovered - regardless of how bad it seemed.

"Ah, Larum! I guess the healers are running a little short in this hold," said the uncle before another fit of coughing made him stop.

Quickly Larum mixed together several herbs to help ease the man's coughing. Larum had started to learn about the healing craft from one of the healers in the Hall who had befriended him. He found that helping people made him happy, even if he had to put up with some rather grumpy patients from time to time. But he wasn't sure if he wanted to become a Healer though. He just wasn't sure what he wanted to do at all.

After having seem several of the sick, he heard that some more of the much needed herbs had just arrived with a pair of dragons. He went out to meet them and see if he could be of any help.

The moment he got outside and saw the sunlight glinting off the blue's eyes, he knew what he wanted to do. Larum had seen dragons before, many times even, but never before had they seemed this magnificent, this powerful. They had always filled him with awe, but today, there was something else. But what he wasn't sure.

It took Larum a moment to realize that the green rider was speaking to him, so lost in his thoughts he was. "Yes, of course I'll bring this to our Healer right away!"

And so Larum left the dragons and entered the darkness of the hold. The Healer was with a patient so it took Larum a while to find him. When Larum entered the room the Healer looked up at the tall young man and took the message.

Later that day, the Healer found Larum with the uncle again, giving him something for his cough. "He's much better than he was yesterday," the Healer said.

"Yes, his cough has lessened and the fever is almost gone. A couple more days and he'll be fine."

"You were a lot of help, Larum. You would make an excellent healer. Now that the majority of the hold is well again, I would suggest that you take a trip down to the Healer Hall. I received a message yesterday, asking if there was anyone here that I would recommend. If you're willing to accept, I would very much like to recommend you."

Larum was surprised to say the least. But the dragons had gone, the moment past, so he accepted the Healer's offer. In a week he would be taken by dragon to the Healer Hall.

A week passed and the blue dragon returned. The same who's eyes had caught Larum's heart, even though they looked different now beneath the cloudy skies. Larum climbed aboard behind the rider and they were airborn.

As they flew, the rider kept up a constant chatter about a new clutch hardening on the sands, and that there would be a Hatching soon. Larum was begining to wonder why they hadn't gone Between yet. Finally he asked and the rider laughed.

"I just wanted to see how you'd react to the news! You seem pretty excited. I saw the way you looked at my blue the other day, and he noticed it too. He's been pretty good at picking candidates so far. Every one of them has Impressed. He thinks you might too."

And they flew on in silence. Larum was a good head taller then the rider, so he had a clear view of the world around him. He was a bit thin, but maybe living in a weyr might change that. He loved the feeling of the wind in his brown hair, the feeling of the dragon beneath him.

"Would you take me there?" Larum asked.

Without another word, the world went black. The next thing Larum knew, he was making a lazy descent on a dragon to the weyr bowl, perhaps to find a dragon of his own.

Name: Homaleth
Rider: L'rum
Color: Blue (male)
Parents: Gold Sprith x Bronze Diheth
Weyr: Lily Valley Weyr (Agency closed)