B'leren and Divinth


This is the story of how Beleren became greater than he was. (©SunBlind)

The darkness engulfed him as he descended the stairs that lead under the hold. Finally at the bottom he dropped the load that he was carrying with a sigh of relief and started up for the next package. He had never questioned being a drudge since there was little way for him to become anything else. Dark haired and dark eyed, he blended easily into the darkness.

For as long as he could remember, Beleren had worked in the darkest places of the hold, where the other holder's children wouldn't go for fear of being eaten by something or other. He didn't mind, he knew there was nothing there, including no one to yell at him. His parents had probably worked here too, though he couldn't remember them. He didn't even know if they were alive or not, but he didn't think much about them.

Finally finished, he snuck outside to see who had brought the supplies. Beleren knew he'd never get out the front so slipped through a small opening which only the drudges knew of and used to escape work while others thought they were working.

Covered and dirt and muck, he rounded the corner only to trip over something in his way as the sunlight had temporarily blinded him. When Beleren had straightened himself up, he found himself staring into the swirling eyes of a blue dragon. Stepping back with a cry, he tripped over the dragon's tail again.

The dragon brought his head towards the boy lying on the ground frozen in fear. "He will eat me!", Beleren thought as the dragon opened his mouth. Eyes tightly shut, he waited for the end. He felt a wet thing go across his face. "He will swallow me now that he likes my taste." Then Beleren heard laughter.

"He won't eat you! Dragon's would never harm a man, no matter how tasty he is." Beleren opened his eyes to see the blue's rider looking down at him. "When my blue told me that someone had stepped on his tail, I wondered who it might have been."

"Please, I'm sorry. I hope I didn't hurt him, I......" Beleren didn't finish because the rider had started to laugh again.

"Hurt this big lout? I doubt it" The dragon rumbled in agreement. Bringing his head once more near Beleren he took a long sniff.

"There is a clutch hardening on the sands of Pyralis Weyr. You look like you could use a change in career, want to try your chances? At the very least you can stay to live in the weyr. It will be a lot cleaner, unless you do Impress....fighthing Thread can be dirty work."

Without waiting for Beleren to reply, which he wouldn't have been able to do anyway, the rider helped him up his dragon's shoulder. Once they were both settled, the rider gave a mental command to his mount and they were airborn. Last thing Beleren saw before the void of Between envelopped them was the sun rising on the horizon.

B'leren smiles meekly at all the other weyr inhabitants who have come over to congratulate the shy new rider of Bronze Divinth. Divinth on the other hand kept B'leren busy with his demands for more food.

Name: Divinth
Rider: B'leren
Color: Bronze (male)
Parents: ???
Weyr: Karath Weyr
August 9, 1999