The Caves


Higher and higher the dragon carried you. You wanted to cry out, to tell him that you wanted to return to the Mountain and to the relative safety of the caves, deep below the earth, but all you could do was clutch desperately to his spines as he continued his maddening climb. Suddenly, without warning he flipped upside down and threw you off. You fell a short distance, landing on a cloud. You look up as the fast fading speck and glare at it for your rude treatment, especially since there was something hard in this cloud beside you. You flail your arms around to get the water vapours to expose what the white stuff obscures.......


The female's skin seemed to be made of molten silver, melted by her fiery mane. Her name is Sylverfyre, how you knew this you did not know, but you knew it just the same.

She gazed as you curiously a moment, then allowed you to climb upon her back. Burying your fingers deep into her mane you cling to her as she soars back down to the Mountain.


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