The Caves


The wind tore at you, laughing as if it could pull you off the ledge where you stood. You had passed right through the side of Dragon Mountain and were now standing high up near the peak. The clouds seem close enough to reach and you didn't dare look down. And so you stand there, moving in any direction was near to impossible. Finally you gather enough courage to look down a bit, and as you gasp you notice something on a ledge below you. A giant menacing black and yellow form came bursting up from below. The shock nearly made you fall off. The female dragon swooped back down to land on a ledge below you, next to Eldwa.


Both dragons looked up at you, realizing that you had no wings to save you should you fall. Finally, Eldwa offered you some security by allowing her to climb upon her back. The black one tried to stiffle a giggle, but then how could one that flies know what it's like to have a fear of dizzying height.

"Now Merill, behave." The black female came up and snuffle your face, then licked you. You kind of tolerated it because you knew she was apologizing but being drowned in dragon drool was not your idea of fun. Finally Eldwa moved so that Merill could no longer get at you. "Merill loves to sit upon the peak of Dragon Mountain. Why don't you rest a bit, you look tired." The two dragons made a living barrier between you and the open space beyond the ledge. Actually, it was very pleasant there and you were soon asleep.

You dream that a dragon spies you on the ledge and after finding out you were a friend and not lunch he allows you upon his back and you soar into the morning sky.


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