The Caves


You close your eyes and make the final leap off of the bridge. It had gone alright but about halfway across it had started to shake beneath you feet and you weren't sure you were going to make it at all! Anyway, you open your eyes again and find yourself in another cave, but this one lit with a fiery light. The wall seems to be made of a sort of reflective material so that the light shimmered and moved before your eyes. For a moment all you could do was stand and watch the flames flicker across the walls and ceiling. Even the floor glowed with an internal fire. So, it this what the inside of a volcano was like, you mused. Then, there right in the middle of the cave, stood an enormous yellow dragon. his tail burning with flame.


Eldwa spoke first, "This is Symir, a Pyronas dragon. He does not speak your language, nor understand it. He is quick to temper and basically believes humans to be beneath him, not worthy of learning your words.

"Come, it is time to go," Eldwa announced. At first, there seemed no way out, you couldn't even find the way you came in. You watched with awe as Eldwas disappeard. Then you followed, putting your hands against the flaming walls you found you could pass through without getting burnt.


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