The Caves


The desert regions had made you thirsty. After satisfying yourself with a refreshing drink from an underground stream, you find yourself in a more familiar looking kind of cave. This one just had plain, cool stone. In the darkened gloom, you follow the white of Eldwa's wings. But then she folds them, not knowing that you couldn't see very well in the dark. A quiet growl, then a slight glow started just as you were about to get worried standing there. You don't see anyone at first, but you do find yourself standing on the edge of a large crevice, luckily you saw it in time before you stepped into it!! Then a large green dragon moves out from the shadows.


" My name is Vilmalas," his deep bass voice rumbled inside of you. " Greetings, I don't get many visitors here. Most will not travel this far." You mention the glow that appeared after you first heard his voice and he replied, "I am a powerful mage here in this Mountain. Many come to me when they need magical help." And powerful he did seem as he sat proudly before you.

Eldwa then moved closer and bowed before the large green. Then she turned to lead you across a bridge that spanned the abyss. One of those lovely rope bridges that would swing back and forth with gaps between the planks of wood. You hung on for dear life and reminded yourself that it was sturdy enough to hold a creature as heavy as your guide. You still needed the thought that there were two winged dragons that could rescue you to actually move your feet forwards towards the other side.


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