The Caves


You follow Eldwa through the branches and leaves of the jungle until you come to an opening just large enough to permit Eldwa to slip through. You follow. This cave, is the exact opposite of the previous one. It is bright, hot and filled with sand. You shake your head in wonder as you try to figure out how two completely different worlds could exist side by side, separated only by a small opening in the cavern wall through which you crawled. Eldwa makes a few chirping sounds and soon a dragon comes running up. An extremely swift dragon, he must have been made to run.


The two dragons chirped at each other for a while, then the newcomer turned his eye towads you. "His name is Srr~latan. He doesn't speak the human languages well, he's shy about sounding funny." Eldwa laughs as the running one glares at her. "Srr~latan is a Naheeli dragon." Eldwa gives a surprised look at whatever Srr~latan had chirped at her. "He wondered if you would like a ride, you will not often get the chance to move as fast as he can."

You were surprised as Eldwa was, but you took the offer as you excitedly clambered onto the dragon's back. Soon you were off. He seemed to go no faster than a galloping horse, though the wind tore at you as it was. Then he leaned forward and the world became a blur, sand and wind stinging your eyes. It was all you could do to hang on.

Finally Srr~latan slowed enough for you to catch your breath. You hadn't realized that you had it blown away from you. You look back and far in the distance you can see a small red speck - Eldwa flying to keep up, but no match for the swift desert dragon. When she lands she goes through another series of chirps with Srr~latan and he bows before you before taking off again. Eldwa points to an opening in the cave wall. You had almost forgotten that you were still inside the Mountain.


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