The Caves


As you enter the next cave, you are struck by the feeling of great humidity. You can hear the drip of water but you can't see a thing, at least at first. Your eyes finally get used to the gloom and to your surprise you see a lot of jungle plants in the room. Already the clothes are sticking to your skin, the air almost stiffling. You wander about, in awe of the fact that so many large, leafy plants could grow inside a mountain, far from the light of the sun.

After a bit you get the feeling that someone or something is watching you. You call out, but you voice just gets muffled by the dense foliage. Suddenly the feeling goes away and you feel silly for calling out like that. At least no one noticed that you were getting creeped out by nothing. Then you turn around.......


The tall red female dragon looks at you with yellow eyes. You had a sudden desire to have a guide, someone who could tell you which dragons to avoid, like maybe this one. Those claws looked sharp and she looked like she could move - fast. She opens her mouth and you think, "Oh no, here comes the flame. She must like them well done."

But there was no flame. Instead you hear her lilting voice, very feminine and very comforting. "Greetings, I am Eldwa, a Crilonian dragon." She chuckles a moment before she continues, "Do not be afraid, I will not hurt you. The jungle here provides for me well."

She may not be a huge dragon, but this jungle must still be more extensive than you had already believed. Once again she takes a motherly tone with you. "If you would like, I could take you through some of the caves of my friends and aquaintances. You will find them to be quite a varied collection of dragons."

After what you had seen before, you were quite willing to believe her. She then adds with a smile "Dragon Mountain is a magical realm, there are things here you've never seen nor even heard of. And by the time you leave, you will still not have encountered them all."


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