The Caves


The next cave contained two small draconic creatures. At first they seemed somewhat harmless, being small and without any forelegs. You changed your mind quite as the smallest of the pair dived down towards you clutching a dagger in its claws!

[Fury of Swords]

[Fury of Time]

The second one did nothing to interfere, just watched silently from its perch. Help came from your little companion who leapt up in front your attacker, forcing him to swerve off or else crash into the dragonet. The larger creature watched this change in events with great interest. In that momentary lull you noticed that his markings were remarkably similar to numbers and that he had what looked like the hands of a clock on his side.

Fury of Time

You weren't sure whether you heard those words, thought them, or if it was just your imagination. But it made sense. You look around for the smaller draconic.

Fury of Swords

And that made sense too, of course. The dagger was certainly sword sized compared the the Fury. You assumed that must be their species name. Finally you spotted him coming around for another attack. Not wanting to put your dragonet at risk you slip out the closest exit.

February 2003


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