The Caves


You go on to the next cave. You travel downward for what seems like a very long time. At one point you had to stop to carry the little one as she had gotten so tired on her short legs trying to keep up with you. At last you enter the cave only to find it partially filled with a deep pool of water which seemed to flow in from some unknown source. Deciding that you would like something to drink, you walk on the sand up to the edge of the water. The water is fresh and clear and tasted wonderful. The whelp lapped at it happily until she started making a fuss all of a sudden. You leaned over the pool to see what got her so exited and was surprised when a green head appeared underneath the water.


The dragon surface and playfully splashed your little one. You were not neglected in the game either. He had webbed feet instead of talons and a large fin running down his back. You hadn't expected to find a dragon living underwater, how could he breath fire? You don't question it though, you have started to expect the unexpected.

After you were good and soaked (but laughing anyway), he smiles at you. *My name is Rilann. I am a Christmas aaquatic dragon, one of the rare breeds,* his voice echoes in your head. *Our race used to be of colours that would protect them in the water, blues and greens mostly. But here I am safe, as are many others in their adopted homes, so we had taken on other colours, though the original ones still predominate. We only show our true colours as adult, when we are young, we are all ocean blue.*

You ask if there was a way out through the pool.

*Oh yes of course. There is not much to eat in this small pool so we have to have access to the outside."

As you look into the pool, you see a darker form pass underneath. With a rainbow spray of water, another aaquatic dragon appears.


This one was most magnificently coloured. Her fins and stripes shimmered gold with droplets of water running down her neck. She smiles elegantly and said that her name is Syngwen. An exotic name for an exotic beauty. She continues with her aristocratic voice, ~The Keeper of this Realm won me in a contest, as you may have noticed, stripes are very rare among our kind. But of course, dear Rilann is special too.~ She nuzzles him gently and he closes his eyes.

Rilann and Syngwen were not the only special aaquatic dragons in the pool. A pure white one surface between them, a large grin on his face.


*Me name is Mistletoe,* he says with a funny accent. *Me bring joy to thy holidays, a gift of the yuletide to our kindly Realm Keeper. Kiss, kiss, me is Mistletoe!*

Everyone laughed and Rilann and Syngwen complied. Mistletoe winked, then lunged out of the water to give you a soggy kiss too. Trying to dry yourself, you hear his joyful laughter as he dives beneath the suface.

When he returns, he brings with him a fourth aaquatic.


She was a beautiful red and purple colour. *My name is Phloe. As you may have guessed already, I too am special. It is particularly rare for an aaquatic to come in warm colours such as mine,* she giggles. She had pronounced her name as if it were "flow". She giggles even louder when Mistletoe tickles her.

*She is giggliest!* he exclaims.

*We are glad that you have come to visit us. Our home is a little more out of the way than the others. Return whenever you wish, we enjoy the company,* add Rilann over the sound of hysterical giggling.

Aaquatic Dragon Adoptions
- agency no longer exists

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