The Caves


The silver dragon dropped you off at another ledge, but this one had an opening into the mountain. Relief flowed through you as you entered the realm within the solid more hanging in the air for you. You relief didn't last long. This cave was inhabited, and she didn't seem too pleased to have a visitor interrupt her nap!


She was enormous, she was huge! By far the largest dragon you had come across so far. You stood still as her blue eye glared at you. Probably deciding if you were worth her effort to get up and eat. I mean you must appear to be such a tiny thing. No bigger than a bug. Her tail came around as if to squish you. A bug was not a good thing to be. You closed your eyes waiting for the final blow. It never came.

~What's wrong?~ her mind voice slid smoothly into your head. ~Are you afraid? Don't be. I don't eat humans. Too small and bony.~ You didn't want to ask how she knew that.....hopefully it wasn't experience! ~My name is T'neera.~ She smiled a toothy smile, though you guessed that she couldn't help that. ~I wasn't expecting any visitors, otherwise I'd have been awake when you arrived.~ She got up and stretched. ~Welcome to my lair.~

You thank her for her hospitality. She offers you some fruit. You wonder for a moment if she was a vegetarian or something, but then, she didn't eat any of the fruit herself. You decided to play it safe and be extremely polite. Never know when a sudden hunger pang might make her forget that she had sworn off humans.

You thank her for the fruit, and she turned to fly out of her lair to go hunting. You decided to leave before she returned. She seemed nice enough, but she may also be more interested in dessert than she was before.

The Silver Unicorn

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