The Caves


You enter a small, but warmly lit cave. A sign overhead says something about Minidragons. You look about and wonder exactly how small are they? At the moment you see nothing, could they be microscopic? Anything seems possible in this place. A fluttering sound by your ear makes you turn around.


It was the smallest dragon you had ever seen, but perfect in every detail. His shiny burgandy hide shimmered in the omnipresent light of these caves as he hovered by your head. A voice sounded in your head, a deep male voice, much too deep for a creature like this.

That is Viol, he is a burgandy minidragon. I am Borel, a purple male gifted with the ability to speak telepathically. We are from the Minidragon Isle, as are many others of our kind. The portal can be found below. Those of us here have bonded to SunBlind. She allows us freedom to travel about her Realm and we were investigating the Mountain, just as you are.

Your eyes search about for the owner of the deep voice. Though he claimed to be a minidragon, there was no way you were going to believe that such a voice could come from such a little thing. A fluttering by your other ear announced the presence of the other male.


Do you doubt it now? he queried.

"No," you replied as you watched Viol with great interest. One by one he gathered a small pile of stones on a ledge. Then hovering above, he closed his eyes and the stones fell. Then, after studying them carefully, he looked up at Borel and nodded towards you.

Viol is capable of Rune Magick and has cast his stones to see what the future has in store for you. He says that you shall meet many wonderous creatures should you continue your journeys through this Mountain and beyond. He hopes that you will take a little of the magic you find here to share it with others of your world.

You thank him for his words of wisdom then caught a glimpse of something. For a moment you weren't sure you could really see it, so you pointed it out to Borel. "What's that?


That is a black female mindragon. Viol had predicted that she will be named Ducla, when she hatched. The little black one, after darting about you a considerable amount, came over to you and suddenly you were overwhellemed by a sense of warmth and kindness. You couldn't resist but to treat the little female with great tenderness. Viol chuckled, and Borel snickered. She is an empath, but also capable of molding others to feel a certain way. She likes it when people shower her with attention, and as you've noticed, you can't help but adore her, no?

She starts to purr by your ear, then tugs on your hair. I think she wants to show you something..... You'd never "heard" anyone smile before. It was a strange but wonderful feeling.

You follow Ducla till you meet a rather shy minidragon. She looks at you wide-eyed, but not fearful. Then she puffs you like the others you've seen. You study her beautiful green and brown skin. She's an animal minidragon. Her name is Gammu.


She is very good with animals, especially finding and nurturing them. She started to purr, and then losing her shyness, joins Ducla on your shoulder for a game of pulling on your hair. At least they didn't pull too hard.........

A sound from a passageway catches you attention. The four minidragons turn and fly out happily. You look about the empty cave, and shrugging your shoulders, you follow.

Name: Borel
Gender: Male
Colour: Purple
Parents: Fire Phoenix and Magick Zorande
Sands: Citadel
Purple: Usually female, but if male will be sterile. These dragons have a _strong_ telepathic with some telekinetic ability as well. In the male the telepathy is especially strong.

Name: Viol
Gender: Male
Colour: Burgandy
Parents: Black VooDoo and Weather Saidarin
Sands: Citadel
Burgundy: These dragons have power over Rune Magick and are often sought after by psychics. Intelligent little creatures, they do posses some rudimentary telekinesis that they use to cast their stones. More interested in the occult these dragons do not take much time out for mating and hence their clutches are usually the more common mini's.

Name: Ducla
Gender: Female
Colour: Black
Parents: Rainbow Sarek and Psychic Electra
Sands: Fen
Black bodied: Mostly female, though a few males are this color. The males will not be sterile. This color of dragon are empaths, they respond to emotion and have the ability to force anyone into any mood you choose for them to be in. They do not choose bad people as bond mates.

Name: Gammu
Gender: Female
Colour: Animal
Parents: Rainbow Judia & Crystal Arone
Sands: Citadel
Animal: This mini must has an affinity for animals. The brown color in its make-up gives it the ability to find lost animals, the teal gives it the ability to nurture its charges. The coloration, also, gives it the perfect camaflouge so that it can guard herds and warn of predators. This dragon, also, has the ability to stun with a gaze, but the effect only lasts 3 minutes. It can be male or female and is relatively common and found anywhere.

Minidragon Isle - agency no longer exists

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