The Caves


What met your eyes was three minidragon flying circles around a woman in a black cloak. Borel flew over to you, This is SunBlind, he said. The woman hearing this turns around. "I didn't know anyone else was here! Greetings, and welcome to my Realm. Could you hold this a moment?" and she hands you a broom. "I can't imagine where all this dirt comes from, its taking me forever to clean this place!" She spreads her arms and closes her eyes. A wind builds up in the room and the minidragons cling to her cloak. Soon it was like being caught in the center of a tornado. Then it just stopped and the room was sparkling clean, literally. The wall had sparkling crystals imbedded into them. Even SunBlind seemed surprised to find them. You watched as Ducla tried to pry one loose.

"To think that this was here all along," SunBlind muses. "That is what I like about living in a magical Realm, there is always something new to surprise the unwary AND the wary." She smiles at you. "Could you hand me those feathers there? The pegasi were ever so nice to allow me to gather up the ones they lost." Most of the feathers had a down-like quality and the Realm Keeper made little "nests" in various places around the cave.

"There, that should be warm and soft. And of course, whenever they feel like it, they can come to the castle itself." She points to a small portal. "Don't be fooled, that's the very portal I use to get here. And don't look at me like that. Of course I love having them around," she scratches Viol's belly, "but sometimes they get fed up with the ghosts and other strange creatures that live in my castle and retreat here. I thought it best if the newcomers from the Kalenik sands stayed here, with these three, rather than being scared witless in my home. They've been through enough as it is."

You ask her what she meant. "They were abandonned, the poor things. I can't imagine how anyone could do that to such sweet little creatures such as these, but there world is full of all kinds, so the others must do what they can to help the helpless. Thank you so much for your help."

She turns around and raises her arms once again. You watch with interest, wondering what was going to happen next. The three minidragons sat upon a small ridge near the top of the cave, also watching intently. After a while you hear a small "pop" and three minidragons fly out from where just appeared. Gently SunBlind called to the confused creatures and eventually the settled down, especially once Ducla encouraged them to do so.


It wasn't long before all six minidragons were flying about together. It was obvious that the three newcomers were a still a bit nervous but they relaxed as they explored their new home. SunBlind took turns stroking them gently. Finally exhausted from their adventure, the three of them settled down together into one of the nests SunBlind had lined with the feathers. Fox remained awake.

SunBlind turned back to you. "Borel has told me that the brown is named Fox, the tan female is Ardor and the grey, Lestin. I'm glad that they seem to be adjusting to their new home. I think I will stay until they wake. You may stay if you wish."

You shake your head, wanting to leave them alone for a while. SunBlind gestured towards Fox to get his attention. He looked back at her, happily. Quickly he fluttered about the room and then stopped near an opening. "I asked him to find a way out of here for you. That's the talent of a brown minidragon. I hope you are enjoying your journeys through my Realm."

Replying that you had seen many things here that you never thought possible, you squeeze though the opening.

Name: Fox
Gender: Male
Colour: Brown
Parents: Pink Rachel and Air Norkinao
Sands: Kalenik
Brown bodied: Mostly male, though a few females are this color, they are not sterile. These dragons are finders, if you picture something in your mind or show them a picture of it they can find it no matter where it is.

Name: Ardor
Gender: Female
Colour: Tan
Parents: Purple Mayda and Yellow Xanthus
Sands: Kalenik
Tan: These dragons are male and female and have gender related powers. Tan females have the ability to heat and shape glass from any sand. Males have the ability to find and shape clay into something useable. Though these dragons aren't extremely pretty, they are extremely intelligent and are quick to learn what you want them to make.

Name: Lestin
Gender: Male
Colour: Grey
Parents: FlaymeClaw and Nyoka
Sands: Kalenik
Gray Bodied: This dragon is cunning, with the ability to create mists. It uses this to help it's Bondmate hunt, hiding it's Bondmate within the mist to conceal him/her from prey. Most often sought after by hunter/gatherers, this dragon can be male or female.

Minidragon Isle - agency no longer exists

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