The Caves
A Contest Dragon


You straighten your clothing as you wriggle free from the small crack in the wall. After dusting yourself off you look around the cave. Inside you see a large purple dragon.

[Coloured by SunBlind]

The dragon turns his shinning blue eyes towards you. "Greetings. So what do you think?" He starts to take up several different poses but stops when he sees the puzzled look on your face. "Didn't you see the sign outside the door? No, I guess not, you didn't come in that way, did you? Well, I'm participating in a contest! That's right! It's part of the Silver Dragon Festival." He raises crest to its fullest. "So, what do you think?" he repeats.

You mumble something about him probably doing very well. He seems to like the answer. "I was created by Myrror, the Realm Keeper of EverRealm, but it was SunBlind who gave me colour. I see you met her already. That's nice". He looks worried a moment. "Do you think my wings will do?" He flutters them nervously.

You nod and say he looks wonderful. He gets this very pleased look on his face. "I hope you come back to see how I did. I don't even mind being in the 13th cave. You never know, might really be good luck!" He tilts his head. "Do you like this side better? Or should I focus more on my right......."

As you try to sneak out without being noticed and forced to comment on his beauty, you stumble over a plaque which must have just been delivered.

With a start you realize that he had already won! Second place! But he was so absorbed in himself that he hadn't even noticed!!!

You slip out the doorway chuckling as he shrieks about a smear of dirt on his tail.


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