The Caves


You hope that contest dragon wouldn't get angry that you left without saying goodbye. But then again he probably will never even notice that you had gone. For sure he has already forgotten you were ever there!

You decide its time to explore some more. You enter another cave. This one was fairly large, but barely large enough to contain the large hissing dragon that was glaring right at you!


"Who are you?" he asks. You introduce yourself in a voice you hope didn't tremble as much as it seemed to. "Hmpf," he replies, lowering his talons, "I guess I'm not supposed to eat you. You wouldn't have made it this far otherwise." He turns away from you and grumbles to himself, probably something about missing his dinner. "Oh, my name is Nerilkan."

He walks over to a corner of his lair to where there was a kind of bench. He pushed some books of the end of it and invites you to sit. "Please excuse the mess, wasn't expecting a guest." He then offers you a glass of water, a dragon-sized glass of water. It was pretty heavy but with a bit of practice and as long as it wasn't too full, you could handle it fairly well. "Sorry, wasn't expecting such small visitors either," he laughs as he watches you drink.

Your thirst satisfied, you wish him a fond farewell before he decides to satisfy his hunger with you.

Adopt a Dragon

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