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The Drum Crystal leads you to a sheltered area amongst the dunes. While being surrounded by sand didn't seem to be the best place to be during a storm, there must have been some kind of magic here that seemed to keep the wind out. Eisha used her bulk to protect you from any drifting sand that did manage to seep in.

The storm darkened the night and the wind howled, but you felt so safe in the presence of the Crystal that resting against her warm side you were lulled to sleep. When you woke the storm was gone and the sun was shining. Getting up you turn to thank her, only to find a Crystal stallion in her place.

"Eisha had to leave, she asked me to watch over you. I am R'Adhe'Tri'Alan'Oige."

Name: R'Adhe'Tri'Alan'Oige [A Tale of True Love]
ID: 1225
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Layce'tri'xeir - 1048 x Halh'tresien - 947
Birth Band: Spirall'Pieren
Band: None
Offspring: None
July 2015

The Valley Adoptions

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