Death Awaits You Here


It was not just the living that wandered this land. The rocky terrain felt the passage of the dead as well. Some did not know of their own passing, aimlessly searching for something they could never find. Others knew full well what they had become and reveled in their power. They had faced death, laughed in its face but did not live to tell the tale.

Some are brought back by the kiss of a vampire, some through magics darker than most, others through mean inexplicable.

One such creature was the Sebre feline, Wrapped Demon.

Brought back after death he now calls this realm his domain. His ear he lost when he was alive, for a living creature he had once been. And death had not stolen all from him - he could feel. His emotions, though he may try to deny them, were very real and set him apart from the other undead.

It also set him apart from the living. He dared not venture close to them should he discover he desires...or worse, needs...their company. For what living creature could gaze upon his deathly countenance and not recoil in horror.

And so he wandered his emtpy domain, a creature who could never die for he was already dead.

Name: Wrapped Demon
Gender: Male
Parents: Wild
October 2002

Sebre Feline