[Herald] The Winged Ones [Herald]


The Eunmarc like to chase butterflies. These Winged Ones were not intelligent, or at least not more so than your family dog might be, so buttefly chasing made him one very happy stallion. He'd chase themt up and over clouds, around flowers and trees and anywhere else it might go, even if it required him to fly upside down. That's how he got the name Tumbleweed

One day his butterfly chasing took him farther from Pegasus Heights than normal. But this wasn't a problem, he had an amazing sense of direction and knew he'd be able to get back when he felt like it. No the problem was the other Eunmarc he found. A mare. And her name was Smoke.

He really didn't know what to think of her, he'd never seen another Eunmarc since he came to live at the Heights, and his memory not being the best, probably assumed he was the only one of his kind. Now his world had been turned upside down...no, wait, *he* was upside down.....

There, she didn't look so funny standing on her head anymore. Actually she was very nice and friendly. She came up to him and sniffed, her breath making wuffling sounds in his mane. He didn't know what to do, so he wuffled back.

The Tumbleweed decided he should go home. Looking back he saw that Smoke was following him, this made him very happy.

Afterwards, they could often be seen chasing butterflies, and the occasional lady bug.

Name: Tumbleweed
Gender: Stallion
ID: 14
Parents: Wild
Mate: None
February 2001

Name: Smoke
Gender: Mare
ID: 45
Parents: Wild
Mate: None
July 2001

Deo Innis


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