The Magical Herd

The Woods


Just when you thought you were safe, back in the warm sunlight woods, the trees no longer menacing and the dark creatures far behind you, a deep voice intones, "Who goes there?"

The fearsome stallion, though not shrouded in the dark atmosphere of the two you just escaped, still maintained a powerful presence. You stammer a response saying that you would leave quickly if he would give you permission to pass. He considered this, his stance proud and noble.

"Oh, just let the human go. What would you do with it anyway? Eat it?" The voice came not from another faequine but from a gryphfae.

"I am Qu'anos, a lightning element. That is I'azu. I'm sure you noticed his temperament to be somewhat warlike." The last was added with a smirk. The faequine snorted but probably knew it could never catch the swift-winged Qu'anos.

I'azu came to the conclusion, however unpleasantly, that Qu'anos was right. Though he guarded his territory fiercely, this human was far from an impressive opponent. He could just imagine the taunts of how the vanquished the most powerful and terrifying man-creature. There would be no glory in this battle, it wouldn't even be worth the effort of running you through.

"Go," he said as he disappeared into the trees. Qu'anos looked intensely pleased with himself, after all, the two of the spent most of their time trying to get under each others skin. For Qu'anos to be right would itch under I'azu's hide for days to come.


Name: I'azu
Gender: Male
ID: 153m
Element: War
December 2002

Name: Qu'anos
Gender: Male
ID: 37m
Element: Lightning
Info: Mane
December 2002