The Magical Herd

The Rainforest


And so you did your best to find your way out of this damaged land. As you walked you wondered how great a territory Tesret could cover, or did all the members of that Pri~erd have this kind of effect on life. Innaris didn't seem to do this, she was even accepted amongst the other leagi. You were pretty sure the rainforest would empty out pretty quick if Marek decided to assert himself.

A sharp hiss caused you to draw up short. A bright orange mare bared her fangs at you.

She glared at you a moment, then a curious look crossed her face. "You are not one of Marek's?"

You shake your head, explaining how you had just escaped his clutches. The mare stared wide-eyed. "Then we must leave this place. Almost certainly Marek has gone to fight Vedek. Anyone who gets in their way is unlikely to surive."

Though she does not carry you upon her back, she runs slow enough so that you can keep up. Finally she felt that the distance was great enough that the pair of you were no longer in immediate danger. She still kept the pace to a fast walk though.

"My name is Orma. I was planning on taking a shortcut through Marek's lands, but that was probably a foolish thing to try and do. I don't know what possessed me to think I could have surived that. Whatever did they want with you I wonder."

You shrug. You assumed that you weren't the only human traveller to wander this rainforest and Orma concurred. "I can't explain it. Unless there really is something special about...or they were just wrong. Hope that they were not wrong, because they'll be...we'll lets just say you don't want to disappoint."

There, that made you feel better, didn't it now.


Name: Orma
Gender: Female
Fusion Parents: Kazago x Duana
Species: Leagus
Pri~erd: None
Offspring: None
May 2005

Pragosi Rainforest