The Magical Herd

The Rainforest


As the mare galloped silently on, the rainforest took on twisted and disturbing shapes. The trees seemed to be in pain, and all that should have been green and full of life, was withered and dark. You shudder as much with fear as you do with cold, for it had indeed become much colder here. The darkness which surrounded this place was nearly suffocating and you wished you could be somewhere far from here.

A dark glowing form appeared. The mare's eyes narrowed at the approach of Tesret.

"It took you long enough. Marek was becoming impatient."

"Blame Silne. She stopped me along the way to ensure I had not harmed the human. And are you to delay me longer Yrach?"

A dark voice replied. Deep as the earth itself. It reverberated through this haunted place.

"Bring it to me."

Behind Yrach was the stallion. Yes, you had seen him before, you could not forget such a creature.

You nearly wet yourself in terror, and was glad you had not. You were pretty sure Tesret wouldn't have passively stood by. You were still mounted on her back after all. After a gesture from the stallion, Tesret had you dismount and with a butt of her head, pushed you forward.

His red eyes narrowed as the other members of the Pri~erd closed in around you. Innaris was there, along with the vampiric Sharnak. In the shadows you thought you could make out a couple more, but they were not familiar to you.

You quivered before the stallion, but you didn't back down. You looked him back in the eye, studied him as he studied you. After all, he was quite magnificent, and you might as well feast your eyes upon him as if it were your last meal. For it very well could be.

Suddenly Marek snarled. Twisting, he turned and fled deeper into the rainforest, the mares following closely.

And you were left alone, in this terrible land, wonder what on earth was going on.


Name: Yrach
Gender: Female
Parents: Whalen x Fuego
Species: Leagus
Pri~erd: Restless Evils
Offspring: None
May 2005

Pragosi Rainforest