The Magical Herd

The Pine Forest


The first thing that strikes you is the scent of the pine trees. Strong and fresh, it filled the air with its sharpness. You take a deep breath to clear your head. The breeze which blew through the trees was cool and brisk and full of life. Everything about this place was full of life.

You ride Firecracker along the various paths, some so overgrown that the branches nearly pull you off your mount. Finally you gave up and decided to walk. You wonder where Firecracker was taking you. All you know is that you were going up the rounded mountain.

Unexpectedly, Firecracker stops and turns to you. *Here lives a creature you've not met before. They are called Kier'dey'lors. They originated in cold regions, which explains the choice of this one to live here. They like to eat pine needles but as they are omnivores, they will also eat small animals.* At this he grins. You swallow hard as you wonder if you qualified as a small animal. Then he smirks. You suddenly had an urge to hit him. Instead you turn and look through the trees........

A young black and white creature comes bounding out of the woods with a big smile on her face. She grins when she sees you then slips on a small spot of ice, legs flying, laughing hilariously. You didn't bother to ask if the mare was alright, you could tell she was just fine.

"I am Zera'dor'mayo. Who are you?"

You tell her your name she looks at you funny. Then she giggles. "You have such a short name! Well then, you can call me Zera." She tosses her mane. "And I was born under the Harvest Moon!"

She was a playful creature, full of life and joy and energy. *Lots* of energy. You laugh at her antics, and she never minded she she tripped or slipped. She just laughed all the harder. Soon this part of the forest echoed with the laughter of three creatures without a care in the world.


Name: Zera'dor'mayo
ID: 20
Gender: Female
Parents: Keft'dre'valn x Cyri'dee'xulu
Trust: Trust of the Valencia Flame
Offspring: None
October 2000


Horns: R R
Front Fetlocks: S S
Hind Fetlocks: T t
Tail: A a*
Wings: F f
Color: O o