The Hidden Mountain Pass


As you lay on the ground, dead, you decide that it wasn't an altogether unpleasant experience. Kind of surreal, as if you were high on some kind of drug. At first it felt like you were floating but after a while you were able to feel the ground beneath you. It was bumpy and hard and not very comfortable. And there was some kind of soft thing near your face. Opening your eyes you look at a glowing hunter cat.

An air of great power emanated from her pale green form. She smiled down at you in that special way that cats can smile. She was beautiful and filled your body with a kind of peace. Then she stood up and left.

Quickly your scramble to your feet to follow her. If this place was the after-life, it certainly wasn't what you expected, with angel cats and dark tunnels with sharp rocks. Maybe life after death was just a continuation of the life that came before it, the tunnel certainly hadn't changed after your encounter with the death deity.

You soon loose her in the labyrinthine passageways. Feeling disappointed, you start to wander. After a while you get hungry. A while after that you decide that you weren't dead after all, maybe never had died, though it really felt like it. Maybe the female cat was some kind of Life deity that had revived you from the Death deity. You pictured her following in the path of the other cat, reviving the bodies left in his wake. Or maybe she chose only to revive you.

Well and truly lost you were suprised to find another glow, but this one was pink. It was another cat waiting at a fork in the tunnels. Possibly she had been told to wait by the deity, either way, she encouraged you to follow her, never getting so far ahead that you would loose sight of her.

Then, she suddenly took off at a mad dash. You run after her but have no hope of keeping up. You follow her glow, which increased with every step you took, till the point where it was far greater than it had been when you started. Turning a corner you find yourself outside again.


Name: Spirit
Gender: Female
Parents: Wild
Mate: None
Offspring: None
Note: Mutant
May 2005

Name: Snaie Resh
Gender: Female
Alignment: Neutral
Element: Life
Notes: She has power over life, which includes both total resurrection, to taking life away. She can also control just how much--she can resurrect a creature without healing it, for instance. Being neutral, there is a limit--most of the body must be there for her to work her powers, and she can't revive someone that's died of old age.

Once a day, she can revive a non-sentient creature, up to wolf size, and imbue it with enough life-energy to make it a life elemental, and her follower. She can also save this energy to use on larger creatures. This doesn't work on hunter cats (though she can and will revive any hunters she finds, no matter who they follow)

The EverRealm