The Hidden Mountain Pass


You wonder what a snow cat would look like. Probably white, and made of snow? You never know in a place like this. You shiver as the air takes on a chill. Without having realized it, you had gone high enough on the mountain to now be knee deep in snow. Suddenly you notice some green amidst the white.

Well, you were almost right, the snowcat was white, but warm and furry too. The female crouched down and wiggled her bottom around as cats do when they want to pounce and play. The cat grinned a fangy grin and decides not to pounce on you, which was just as well as she was heavily built, and her feet looked huge. Probably good on the snow.

"Hello, I'm Oplo'laquni. That means Frozen Forest in your tongue." She stretches and then curls up in the "meatloaf" positions cats often find themselves. "You look cold....I'm used to it being from the Typatha Mountains."

And so you were. Your fingers had turned blue. You pull the cloak you were wearing closer around you but it didn't seem to help much now that you were already chilled.

Oplo sighs. "Come here and warm up in my fur. It may not be long but it is soft." You curl up beside the warm creature, accidentally catching your cloak on one of her horns. You ask her what they are for. "Why do you have hair on your head if it doesn't keep you warm? We just do." She flashes another fangy grin.

Just then a rustling in some bushes could be heard, and another Snowcat appeared. She starts with surprise when she sees the two of you curled up together for warmth, then lies down on your other side to cut the chill wind.

"My name is Ikane'Estno, which means Ice Rose in your language. Oplo and I live here together. You see, we're very social animals and loooove company. It's always nice to have visitors..." she begins to purr. "We hope you'll come back again to tell us stories and to play games. Just next time bring something warmer to wear!" She chuckles and purrs as the same time, the result being a warm, friendly sound.


"Hi, I'm Winter Jade. Mind if I join in?" He comes over and curls up nearby.

While nearly being crushed by the weight of three snowcats, you wonder why Winter Jade hadn't translated his name for you. Probably because he had heard the others speaking in your language and figured he'd save some time. It did take the green male long to fall asleep. The two females giggled as he snored. It was an interesting sensation to have a giggling pillow and blanket. You kind of liked it. Sort of like a waterbed, but even more jiggly.


Name: Oplo'laquni (Frozen Forest)
Gender: Female
Parents: Wild
Mate: None
July 2000

Name: Ikane'Estno (Ice Rose)
Gender: Female
Parents: Wild
Mate: None
September 2000

Typatha Mountains