The Hidden Mountain Pass


As you scramble over the rocks, you discover that many of the were quite loose. Unfortunately you made this rather important discovery significantly too late. So there you were, slidding down the cliff face out of control, getting bruises in places you didn't know you had. Then you were airborn for a moment. And then you were wet.

You were wet because you had fallen into some kind of pool being fed by a stream, and strangely it seemed to be saltwater. At least the water wasn't very deep at this end, you were able to sit there and the water only came up to your waist. But you could see that the pool did actually get deeper further out. And you could also see that it was inhabited.

They were beautiful creatures, their fur had and indescribable quality, smooth and shiny and the colours flowing and mixing with the black.

They had come to investigate the creature that had fallen into their pool. They swam around but never came too close. Finally curiosity took over the blue one and she touched you with her tail, but then flicked away ever so quickly.

They then seemed to have a kind of conference together, and with one last glance at you, swim up the stream which feeds the pond. You look over at the glowing letters which indicated the portal to their Realm of origin but decided to follow them upstream for now.


Name: Freeza
Gender: Female
ID: 2
Parents: Wild
Mate: Ilyxu
Offspring: None March 2001

Name: Ilyxu
Gender: Male
ID: 3
Parents: Wild
Mate: Freeza
Offspring: None
March 2001