The Hidden Mountain Pass


It was daylight again and the Eero cats were gone. You weren't sure how you got back, but you were far away from the sacred temple and back on the mountain pass. Unless of course you had never left. Your head started to hurt at the thought. Just then you spotted the green bunny looking at you. You don't move, you don't breath. You didn't want to scare her away.

She didn't seem particularly afraid of you. She turned to look at the blue creature that had just crawled up over a ledge carrying something in his mouth. He sees her and he smiles, then notices you and gets excited.

"I'm Jed!", or at least that's what you think he says. It was hard to tell with that piece of cloth in his mouth. When you ask to make sure, he spits it out. "Yup, that's right. Jed." You must have looked like you didn't believe him (cause you didn't) and he added, "That's just my nickname, my full name is Jedrion. I'm a K'draz and Chazee here is a Kahara from the Zone of Kawaii. She has difficulty speaking your language so I can act as interpreter. Normally I'm just here to keep her company."

You found this hard to belive since he picked up that well worn piece of cloth as soon as he was done speaking. Seemed like he couldn't be parted from it.

He spits it out again and give you some information on Chazee. "She's a marsupial you know, she's got a pouch.....ouch!" he cries out as Chazee gives him a kick for poking around her fur. She hopped a little distance away from him and make a kind of meowing sound. She hopped more like a kangaroo than a rabbit.

"Sorry.....The Kahara are good at hiding though, even with their bright colours. I think they cheat and use magic." Chazee sticks her tongue out at the K'draz. Then she smiles up at you. Even if they bicker a bit it seemed that they got along very well. Chazee was really attached to Jed, probably missed being around others of her kind.

The sun was now fully up in the sky, you hadn't realized how much time you had spent here. It was time to move on.


Name: Jedrion
Gender: Male
Parents: Yusim of the Lushous Forest
Mate: None
Offspring: None
March 2001

Eyes: c, o*
Eye Colour: B, w*
Tail: f*, f*
Body: W, r
Fur: s, s*
Neck: l, s*
Head: N*, B
Ears: H, w*


Name: Chazee
Gender: Female
ID: K34-F
Parents: Wild
Mate: None
Offspring: None
March 2001

Zone of Kawaii