The Hidden Mountain Pass


The sun was once again beginning to set, but it was still bright enough for you to see where you were going. Suddenly a brightly coloured bird flew into your face from nowhere, screeching something incomprehensible at you.

You raise your arms in an attempt to stop the bird from scratching your face. Finally it decided to settle down and glare at you and ruffle its feathers. Looking up at the tree where it was sitting, you could see another bird, this one a bright yellow. She seemed to be much friendlier, or at least not as aggresive.

When you look down for a moment, you see that a small purple puppy had come to see what all the noise was about. You had to say it, "Aww, what a cute puppy."

He made a little bark, but it sounded more like yip. The both birds squawk in response. From the look they were giving each other, they had no more idea of what was being said in this conversation than you did. That's when the kitten came and things got wild.

The green kitten entered the scene innocently enough. She sat and watched the three of you, and licked a paw from time to time. That's when she decided she wanted to eat one of the birds. That was also when the puppy decided he wanted to chase the cat. Suddnly there were animals running all over the place, screeching, hissing, squawking, barking. You scramble to a safe place and find a note under a rock.

The birds are Avaenines called Wild Wild's Strawberry and Wild Wild's Hatched.
The puppy is actually a Wuppy called Istar.
The naughty kitten is really a Bittie called Kaila.

By the time you look up, the bittie had slipped away in the commotion. The avaenines and the wuppy, finally realizing that the bittie was gone, settle to sleep, the birds with their heads under their wings, the puppy curled up in a ball on the ground.


Name: Wild Wild's Strawberry
Gender: Female
Beak: S, S
Tail: S, vl
Legs: M, S
Crest: N, o
Markings: P, N
Coloration: b, f
Mutation: N, l
January 2001

Name: Wild Wild’s Hatched
Gender: Female
ID: AV128F
Beak: S, vl
Legs: S, s
Tail: S, l
Crest: N, o
Markings: N, f
Coloration: b, b
Mutation: S, N (fluffy feathers)
April 2001


Kaila's ID - B39

Istar's ID - ???

Wuppies and Bitties