The Hidden Mountain Pass


Ah, warm at last. You could actually feel your toes now. You never realized how much you would miss them until you couldn't tell they were there anymore. You sit down on a rock to just stare in wonder at them. Toes are pretty amazing actually. It would be really hard to walk without them and the look kind of interesting too. Each had a little nail on it.....then a shadow passed over your head. You look up from your indepth study of your toes.

The strange airy creature looked down at you. "I am Gehalla. Your first day as a human?"

You shake your head, blushing in embarassment. Finally you explain and she smiles. "Well, one should never take anything for granted and find beauty in everything." You put you boots back on.

A soft sound caught your ear, and you found that it came from a young blue female with transparent wings.

"My name is Persephone. Gehala took care of me while I was just a pupling." She wiggled her toes. "It helps to have fur."

Gehalla continued, "We are Demonwolves from the Dubh Anam Caverns." The wind blew gently as she seemed to just float where she was. "I am an air elemental." She smiled again, "I will make sure that warmer winds will blow your way from now on."

You look up gratefully, but she was gone. Looking back down to where Persephone had stood, you saw that she too had gone. Vanished like the mist.


Name: Gehalla
Gender: Female
Parentage: Wild
Mutations: Air spryte lower body, blue socks, light blue wings
Notes: Air Elemental
September 2001

Name: Persephone
Gender: Female
Parentage: Pephieran x Demona
Mutations: Blue coat, red stripes, see-through wings
October 2001

Dubh Anam Caverns