The Magical Herd

The Meadow


SunBlind sat by herself on the beach of Unicorn Island. As guardian of the Realm, she often came to watch the unicorns, albeit invisible. She didn't want to interfere in their affairs, it was not what she was here for.

Suddenly she felt a strange, magical pulling. When her sight cleared, SunBlind found herself in another Keeper's world. Jaysen of Sha-Haven stood before her. There he told her of the Sha-haven Companions. Like the Companions in Valdemar, they bond forever with one person, not even death can truly break that bond.

Then Jaysen left SunBlind to search the castle. After much wanderings, she could hear crying from somewhere. She looked about, and found a foal, very alone and very afraid. She wasn't sure what to do. Usually she didn't get involved in such things, it disrupted the natural evolution of the Realm. (Though to be honest, she often whispered in the ears of mares the locations of their lost foals or suggested that a dragon look down a certain tunnel to find a wounded friend)

But this was different. SunBlind must get directly involved. She went gently up to the foal, not used to doing this and with absolutely no idea what to do.

It all happened so quickly. Suddenly Jaysen had appeared and was smiling. "You've bonded," he said. The foal trotted over to SunBlind and rubbed it's face against her arm. Such joy was felt by both. At last SunBlind no longer had to watch over her Realm alone, she had one who would always be by her side.

"Starshimmer," SunBlind said to the white, stripe-hoof stallion.



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