The Magical Herd

The Lake


The next hippocampus was as dark as the deepest depths of the deepest lake. That was why you did not see him till you caught the glimmer of his shimmering tail.


Firecracker seemed to know him well. *Saren was one of the first to come to the Realm of Myth and Fantasy from the distant land of Dwelling Within.*

Then your mount seemed to be looking for something. *And, and here is a more recent arrival, Vumin. He's from the Nameless Forest. SunBlind spent many hours wandering the forest before she found Vumin and several others. You might meet them along the way. But Vumin is the only one to have found his way to the lake.*


The long, lithe hippocampus nods at Firecracker's words. Then the oddly matched pair swam back down into the dark lake. Well, you and Firecracker probably made a rather strange looking pair yourselves.


Name: Saren
Gender: Male
February 1999

Name: Vumin
Gender: Male
September 2000

Dwelling Within
Nameless Forest