The Magical Herd

The Lake


Without without warning, your mount made a leap into the water taking you with him. The water was surprisingly warm, but you struggled to get to the surface. *Don't be afraid, this is a magical place, you can breath here,* Firecracker said calmly. *I thought you might like to meet the other hippocampi in their home.*

Finding out that it was true that you could breath, you quite happily rode your guide under the waves. It was a strange experience for you were constantly floating off his back and had to cling tightly with your legs to remain attached. Suddenly you hear a watery whinny and a shiny form shoots up in front of you.


A frightened hippocampus. You tried to say you were sorry but found that though you could breath, you could not speak under water. Firecracker spoke to the hippocampus for you.

*Her name is Farell and we merely startled her.* She swam closer to the two of you, carefully inspecting your legs. *She wonders where our fins are!* Firecracker laughs and tells her that you are from above the water ceiling. Her eyes open wide and she swims closer, obviously fascinated. Then she swims off. *She asked us to follow her, she's bringing us to of her friends who also from The Silver Unicorn.

You enjoyed the view in the meantime. Clinging tightly to Firecracker's mane as he swam, you found no end of fish and underwater plants to look at. Some were the strangest looking things, others were ever so beautiful. You wondered what it would be like to sprout a tail and swim off like a mermaid. You reverie was interupted by the arrival of a magnificent hippocampus stallion.


*This is Ysoll.* You couldn't help but be in awe of the powerful creature, his mane flowing about his neck like fiery flames that could not be doused by all the waters of the world. Ysoll did not stay long, having met many humans and horses in his magical travels, for a sorcerer he was. You wondered why you were surprised at that, you'd never really thought about sorcerers and wizards having forms other than human before, unless of course they shape-shifted. You wondered if Ysoll ever walked about as a human. You'll never know.

In his wake came another mare.


*And Surill.* She was delicate and beautiful, her mane swirling softly in the warm waters. You were later to learn that she too was a sorceress, and Ysoll's mate. Neither as old, nor adventurous as he, she had never seen a human before and took some time to study you. She allowed you to reach out and touch her mane and the fin along her back. With a gentle touch from her tail, she said goodbye and disappeared into the depths of the lake.


Name: Farell
Gender: Male
August 1999

Name: Ysoll
Gender: Male
August 1999

Name: Surill
Gender: Male
November 2002

The Silver Unicorn