The Magical Herd

The Jungle


You followed the Hirari for as far as you could before you lost sight of its misty-grey body. At least you thought you had. Up ahead a ways there he was, you think....


This one, though grey, had a pink mane and tail, with stocking and spotted hindquarters. In addition, this one was female. ~Hello, my name is Garana, Gohar's sister. Come if you would like to meet a friend of mine.~ With that she starts along a path, at least she won't drag you though the underbrush.

~Ah, here you are,~ she says to a creature you can't see. When it does appear, you wonder how you could have missed its bright colours, even in the dense jungle.


~This is Carelden, he's a Teilmor.~ Carelden jumps up and down eagerly to play with his Hirari friend. You let them be, besides, you thought you saw something moving to your left, and it wasn't a Rosatal.

You find a dragon-like creature sitting by a river looking into its depths as if it were trying to talk to something there. She glares at you when he noticed you were watching her.


Without a word, she emitted a low growl and launched into the sky. Not very friendly, and you decide were lucky she wasn't very hungry either.

You chose to check out the river, perhaps you can find out who the dragon-creature was talking to. The river was wide and deep. The waters ran dark in the shadows of the jungle. Then you saw a glowing movement beneath the water that reminded you of the Rosatal's eyes. But they weren't aquatic were they? You nearly fall over when a very different creatures rears its head.


~I am a Brineal!~ the excited water creature exclaimed. ~I've never see a creature like you here before. What are you? What's your name? Tee hee, you only have two legs to stand on! Oh, my name is Devaedar.~ The young male couldn't seem to control his excitement. ~You scared Sira, the Golanmera away. Well, not really scare, she was just mad that you were there. Even though many people think she's a dragon, she's still a Leaper Peak creature.~ The Brineal then ducked under the water and whistled to something in the depths. It was a strange and beautiful sound.

For a moment, Devaedar just floated there. Then with a flip of his long tail, he dove out of sight, the glow from his eyes fading as he saw deeper. Just as they vanished, the water seemed to bubble with movement. Another aquatic creature appeared.


She looked a bit like a cross between a catfish and a whale. But you were getting used to strange beings by now. And you remembered how funny looking Devaedar thought you were. ~My name is Wylanda, mortal traveller. I am of the ancient race of the Caseil. I greet you.~ Wylanda gave off an aura of age and great wisdom. You tried to think of the great questions man had been trying to find answers to for centuries, knowing that Wylanda must know many of the world's secrets but none came to mind. You felt at peace, as if you knew everything, or that none of it really matter in the end. When you looked up, the sun was setting and the Caseil was gone.

Summer 1999