The Magical Herd

The Jungle


The jungle sounded like a place to find some very mysterious and interesting creatures and you were not disappointed. The first creature you met was certainly............different.


His silvery grey coat just seemed to have materialized out of the dark green of the surrounding foliage. ~I am Gohar, a Hirari from the rainforests of Leaper Peak . I have just arrived here, but I welcome you just the same.~

Just as Gohar fades away again into the forest, another creature emerges. This one, green as rainforest in which it lives, was as strange looking as the first.


~I don't suppose you've seen Gohar? He and I know each other, both of us being from the same place. We seem to have become separated.~ You motion in the direction the grey Hirari had taken. ~Thank you. By the way, my name is Taygor and I am a Mouga. Well best wishes on your journeys in the future.~ And the creature vanishes into the brush.

For a while you just listen to the sounds of the rainforest about you. The you notice a kind of rustling in the leaves. Expecting another large creature to emerge you look up only to find a smaller one emerging. This one seemed to have no horse-like attributes but it didn't seem to matter. A mystical creature nonetheless.


The blue creature could run like the wind, jumping gracefully from a rock to a log and back again. It stops its games after a while and purrs at you. ~I'm a Shiretal!~ And it slips off into the undergrowth.

"Wait," you call out. "What is your name?"

Its soft voices replies from the shadows, ~Tillyn, of course silly!~

Thinking that this parade of creatures was over, you started to wander about on your own, until Tillyn found you again. ~Psst, over here. Bet you've never seen a Kliratal before.~ Then he vanished. You never had - so you try to follow him through the brush but he was nowhere to be seen. Some bushes rustle and you thought you had found your shiretal, but instead a winged creature leaped up before you.


She seemed similiar to Tillyn, but the resemblance ended there. She giggled as the shiretal appeared beside her. ~I'm Carala, the Kliratal Tillyn wanted you to find.~ Soon the two creatures were playing with each other, Carala taking flight as Tillyn tries to pounce on her.

You notice that all the creatures from Leaper Peak seem to have similar eyes, regardless of how dissimilar they are in form. At least that's what you were thinking when you came across this one.


Its eye glowed in the darkness of the jungles, strange spots covered its green hide. The glow seemed to intensify, as if you had made it angry by accidentally discovering it. That eye just seemed to draw you in. You couldn't move, but why would you want to. It was so nice here, so quiet and warm. There's a nice soft place on the ground. You frown when you hear a low bellow and something came crashing through the trees. The green thing looked back at its attacker and its hold over you was broken. Quickly it disappeared as Gohar burst through the trees.

Making sure it was gone, Gohar spoke, ~That was a Rosatal. They are not dangerous in general but the like to be left undisturbed. This one was called Ranobreny.~ Satisfied the Rosatal had vanished, Gohar slipped into the jungle as well.

Summer 1999