The Magical Herd

The Hills


Here the hills were as empty as far as you could see. The grass flowed like water over the undulating land. In the distance you could see other parts of the Realm, the forests, the deserts, even the mountains rose up to meet the horizon. None were far away, especially if one were as swift as the equines around here. You remembered that even the sea was not distant behind you.

In the distant skies you spotted a glittering form. As it neared, it appeared to be a brightly coloured pegasus reflecting shining daylight. When she landed nearby you knew her to be a Serian like those you'd encountered before, and yet unique in her own way. She allowed you to run your hand over her shimmering coat.

"Her name is Whisper, from the Altar of the Eternal Sun. And I am Briar, from the Altar of the Forest Song."

Though he was frightening in appearance, and as proud and arrogant as Drake, you could tell Briar had a soft heart wouldn't hurt anyone except to defend his own. You weren't sure how you knew this, perhaps it was the way he gently nuzzled Whisper, to reassure her no harm would come to them.

Then came a thundering of hooves. From the direction of the mountains, where the deserts lay at its base, came a powerful Serian mare. She galloped up to the others, nostrils flaring as she spotted you. She shook her head, giving you a good view of her impressive horns.

Briar placed himself in-between the two of you. "This is Titan, from the Altar of the Red Sands." Then he turns to her and nuzzles gently. "This human comes as a friend, not foe." You briefly thought to yourself that you were no threat to these beautiful creatures, not with their sharp horns and hooves. Titan looked at you over Briar's back, and as she turned her back on you to stand by Whisper she said, "I've got my eye on you."

Name: Whisper
Gender: Female
Altar: Eternal Sun
Notes: Wings, lion tail
October 2003
Name: Briar
Gender: Male
Altar: Forest Song
Notes: Cloven hooves, antlers
October 2003
Name: Titan
Gender: Female
Altar: Red Sands
Circle: Delirium's Flight
Notes: Horns
November 2003