The Magical Herd

The Hills


The mare galloped up one of the many hills in this Realm. She was still finding her way around. It was an odd feeling to her, to not know every rock, every tree. She had spent her entire life alone in the Fields of Sionayra and there wasn't an inch of it she wasn't familiar with. It was also strange not to be alone all the time, so it wasn't uncommon for ShatteredSky to try to find some secluded areas of her new home.

Today was one of those days, and as she slowed to a stop she nodded with satisfaction. She could see a group of Serians gathered about Trust's crystal clear pool, and another group that was near the edge of the Forest, but there wasn't anyone near this hill.

With a contented sigh she closed her eyes and let the wind blow through her mane and the sun shine on her head. It was going to take her a long time to get used to having friends. Elegance had nearly adopted her, and ShatteredSky had to admit she was grateful for the gentle mare's presence. She seemed to understand that the black mare didn't want to play all day (like Chaser), nor did she want to go on grand adventures, and she certainly didn't want to get into fights. Though it wasn't like she didn't let people know when they were getting on her nerves. And there were a few Serians here more damaged than she was. Elegance had told her to avoid some like Tangle.

Being bonded wasn't anything at all what she had expected. Because SunBlind had such a huge Realm she wasn't always around, and while the vampiric dragon Realmkeeper was nice enough, ShatteredStar had spent her whole life terrifed of the thought of being attached to a human, so she was perfectly fine with the occassional appearances of the sorceress. At least she hadn't been bridled and saddled and treated like a horse. She'd heard rumours...though come to think of it, she'd heard it from others who hadn't been bonded themselves. Perhaps they had simply not known any better, just like herself.

The wind brought the scent of snow from the Mountain heights in the distance. It was spring here now, but when SunBlind had brought her back it was still the middle of winter. The mare began to recall the events that led her to be here, from her terrible childhood, to a mad chase through the Fields, and finally to a reunion with those she thought lost forever.

She let her thoughts be carried by the wind...

Name: Shatteredsky
Gender: Mare
Parents: Rhyme x Sage
Circle: None
Offspring: None
Special stats: None
February 2012