The Magical Herd

The Circle of the Dragon's Flame


You decided to head for the hills to see what creatures might call that place home. At first the plains stretched out flat before you, but Firecracker was swift and soon the ground began to rise gently, then dip down as if the earth was attempting to be the sea. The grass was lush and thick and you longed to run through it rather than ride above it.

The sun warmed your back and the sweet smelling breezes kept you cool. Even if nothing lived here except the many strange and wonderful birds you've passed, it was well worth the visit.

But you were not disappointed. Firecracker halted before a powerful looking blue stallion that flamed as you approached!

Firecracker stood a respectful distance away and explained your presence. The other stallion decided to accept your being here, though it seemed like only if he didn't have to have anything to do with you.

~This is Drake, lead stallion of the Circle of the Dragon's Flame. He has agreed to allow us to meet the other members of his Circle so long as you do not dismount.~

There goes your chance to stretch your legs. You were not used to riding for long periods of time and certain parts of you body really wanted a break!

As Firecracker brings you to the others, he explains that Serians are basically special equines, there isn't one specific thing that separates them from a mundane horse. Some have unique traits, Drake being the only one Firecracker knew of that could breath flame. Altars were the origins of Serians that have no parents, and those of a second generation would have names with two words, one based on each parent. Circles would be the equivalent of a herd.

"Who is this?"

Firecracker introduces you to the mare, then says to you, ~This is Spice, one of Drake's mares. She too is of a quick temperament, being of the Alter of the Summer Storms. A bit of a stormy personality if you know what I mean.~ Apparently she wasn't telepathic and didn't hear any of that, which was probably a good thing.

Next was a small black mare stood quietly as you came closer.

She nodded gracefully, when she spoke her voice was musical. "My name is Umbra. Welcome traveller." She stood there calmly. In complete contrast to her serenity, there came a thundering of hooves and thus appeared a stallion, with a beautiful fox tail. "That is Mischief," Umbra says.

One look at the glimmer in his amber eye and you had no doubt that Mischief was an appropriate name. He tossed his short black mane and swished his tail about. With a bow he too said, "Greeting traveller!" but the sneaky grin on his face that put you on your guard. He might not hurt you, but you were sure he was well experienced in playing tricks on unwary victims.

Umbra seemed to sense you reluctance to play Mischief's games. She moved up next to him and whispered something in his ear. He sighed and nodded, muttering something about "You're no fun..." To make him feel better you offer to let him play a trick on you the next time you meet. He laughs at this, even Umbra smiles.

"Be careful human, I might take you up on that offer," he says with a wink.

"Yes, it is quite likely that he would," Umbra adds. "Now, do you wish to meet the last member of our Circle?

Surprised, Mischief and Umbra being to lead you away from the hills to where it sloped down to meet the sea. Curious, you followed closely until they stopped upon the shore. And there you saw him, Arrow appeared to be a hippocampus of sorts!

He was black with firey markings upon his face, neck and shoulder. His mane and tail were nearly transparent and looked as light as silk. And he had wings as well, so you wondered if he could fly as well as swim.

"No, I cannot. As you can see they are not fully feathered, though they are of great use to me beneath the water where they help guide me through the waves."

At last it was time to go. So you bid Arrow farewell and watch as he flicks is veil like tail into the air and disappears beneath the waves. You then turn to Umbra and Mischief and realize that it wasn't a moment too soon. Mischief looked like he was about to finalize some sneaky plan.

Umbra adds before dragging Mischief with her, "We hope that you will tell those who are kind of heart about the Serians and the other equines Firecracker will bring you to see. True believers are hard to come by in these times and it is a sad thing when magic is forgotten."

Name: Drake
Gender: Stallion
Altar: Deep Shadows
Circle: Circle of the Dragon's Flame
Offspring: None
Special stats: Interesting coloured, flame breather
February 2001
Name: Mischief
Gender: Stallion
Altar: Forest Song
Unique: Fox tail
Circle: Circle of the Dragon's Flame
Offspring: Shadow Trick, Silver Fox
Special stats: Unique fox tail
April 2001
Name: Arrow
Gender: Stallion
Altar: Unknown
Parents: Harmony and Danger
Circle: Circle of the Dragon's Flame
Offspring: Dark Arrow
Special Stats: Fish tail
April 2001
Name: Umbra
Gender: Mare
Altar: Unknown
Circle: Circle of the Dragon's Flame
Offspring: Dark Arrow, Shadow Trick, Silver Fox
Special Stats: Transparent wings
April 2001
Name: Spice
Gender: Female
Altar: Summer Storm
Circle: Circle of the Dragon's Flame
Offspring: None
Special Stats: Horns
October 2002