The Magical Herd

The Grassland


Here, grasses of heights and colours grew. You had never seen so many shades of green cover the ground in a soft blanket which shifted and swirled with ever gust of wind. But it seemed, empty somehow. You had ridden Firecracker for what seemed like forever but so far, no a sign of any living creature except for bugs and birds.

*Don't worry, I know she's over here somewhere,* Firecracker reasures you as he carries you into a patch of grasses which had grown way over your heads.

He meandered his way through until a giant blue form appeared before you. Not having time to stop, Firecracker collides with the hind end of some sort of heavy-set creature. She turns around.

Firecracker apologize quickly and then both creature laugh. You mount looks back at you. *This is Jabrylla, a Kearu'nami.* She smiles at you.

"I'm sure you've never heard of my kind before. We are a cross of some animals you are familiar with, like, ringtailed lemurs, felines, canines, equines, elephants, birds and phalinxian dragons. Well, maybe you don't know the dragons that well. Would you like to know more?"

You nod, pretty sure that such a creature must have some interesting characteristics. You were not disappointed.

"We shed our fur once in our lifetime, when we become an adult. We shed ALL our fur and are totally skin-pink nude for about two weeks. Our fur then become rougher, maybe even a diffrent colour. The lenghts and colours of our manes and tails also change. So you never can tell from the cubs. Very few of us are faithful to our mates, but it does not mean we do not care for them deeply. We understand this and accept it. Neither stallion nor mare gets refused when they come back. And the cub is accepted by both mates, even if only one of them is a parent. Anyway, our cubs take on the appearance of the mother, but also the characteristic of our first mate. Strange isn't it? And if you want to know even more, go to the Waiting Room. That's where I came from."

You nod as you try not to laugh while picturing her "skin-pink nude". You hope she doesn't take the weird expressions on your face the wrong way. She doesn't seem too, probably not that accustomed to human facial expressions.

But you weren't so lucky when a second 'nami appeared. At least it seemed like she was laughing along with you.

"Hello, I'm Cira. Pleased to make you aquaintance. I'm a Miri'nami, while Jabrylla is a Kearu'nami. But don't ask me what the difference is, I'm NOT telling." She turns her back on you and smirks at Jabrylla who starts laughing hysterically. Rather than walk into an inside joke, you decide not to ask what the difference between the two of them were. Maybe it was the colouring or something.

When you finally tell them that you have to leave, both females seem a little sad, but they gladly show you the way out of the tall grasses so you can continue on your journey of explorations.


Name: Jabrylla
ID: #13
Breed: Kearu'nami
Parents: Wild
Gender: Female
Colour: Blue
Mane Colour: Black
Tail Colour: Black, white
Jewelry: Bead
Mate: None

Name: Cira
ID: #16
Breed: Miri'nami
Parents: Wild
Gender: Female
Colour: Gold, white, black
Mane Colour: Brown, black, red, green
Tail Colour: Purple, blue, gold, green
Jewelry: None

The Waiting Room - Agency no longer exists