The Magical Herd

The Forest


A stamp of a hoof and a loud snort announces the presences of a rather scary looking equine.

You step back from the menacing creature. Laughter greets your ears.

A small stallion bounds out of the nearby woods. "Don't worry. Unless you happen to be dressed all in red he won't charge!"

The green stallion looks decidely insulted from the words of the smaller one and chooses to ignore the both of you.

"His name is Crown of Emerald Leaves and he's a Falorn. He's from the Zodiac run, and his sign is Taurus, as you might have guessed. No two Falorn have the same element." At this the stallion proudly raises his head to show off his horns. The smaller stallion nearly falls over with laughter.

"And I'm Kalo, a Falina. We're both from the Selva Bend. And we're both please to meet you, whether or not we show it." The Falorn merely swishes his long tail and glares as the little Falina who only came to your knees in height.

Studying the brightly coloured Kalo, you ask him if he might have some sort of mutation.

"Mutation, ick, no. Most of us are brightly coloured. We're smart enough to take care of ourselves, we don't need camouflage to protect us from predators." Crown of Emerald Leaves seemed to disagree on the level of Kalo's intelligence. Now it was the Falina's turn to glare. You leave the two stallions in their ridiculous staring contest, one nearly on tippy-toes, the other almost kneeling so that their eyes could meet.


Name: Kalo
Gender: Male
ID: ff14s
Parents: Daka x Dees
Mane: W*, W* (wavy)
Tail: H, h (bob)
Fetlocks: S, s (none)
Color: A*, a* (bright)
Mutation: X, X (none)
January 2001

Name: Crown of Emerald Leaves
Origin: Taurus
Gender: Stallion
ID: fr9s
January 2001

Selva Bend