The Magical Herd

The Forest


Now the trees were thinner until you entered a kind of clearing where there were no trees to block the sun above. The sun was warm. At last you could no longer resist the temptation to lie down and just soak up the warmth of the rays.

You lay on your back watching the clouds pass overhead, and listen to the leaves rustle as the wind dances though them. You close your eyes and imagine yourself in the form of a horse, galloping through the woods, your hooves never touching the ground.

And soon you were asleep. But while you were in your land of dreams, a creature began a dance of infinite beauty and grace, a creature who once lived in Forests of the Enitoaque.

You open your eyes only to find that it was not a dream.

You watched the creature dance. It was like nothing you had seen before. He had the agility of a cat and the grace of a horse, seeming to float like some sort of spectre. At last he stops and makes a deep bow.

"Aruse'Jamete," he says in his velvet voice. You have no idea what that means. He laughs. "My name! It means Sky Dance in human language. I am a Fei'daqq." You assumed that was his species name. "My chatqui is that of dance!" he says proudly and began to dance once more. This dance was not as ephemeral as the other, just a sort of jig it seemed. Hooves moving quickly he ends with a flourish.

You thank him for his performance. He bows once more and merges back into the trees.

Statistics and Genotype:

Name: Aruse'Jamete (Sky Dance)
Gender: Male
Parents: Solrati-quazti'Treavion X Hepia'Xasdim
Chatqui: Rain and Dance
Herd: Shadowed Snows
October 2000

Mane: m, M*
Tuffs: s, s
Markings: m, P
Tail: tu*, H
Feet: H, H
Color: w, l*
Mutation: n, n

Forests of the Enitoaque