The Magical Herd

The Forest


Here the forest became very dark for the trees grew densely together. Then out of the shadows bounded a large white equine.

"Selli Li! Ze ve de quin."

You stare at the creature not having a clue what she had just said. Then a voice in your head translated the words for you.

Greetings, I am a horse.

She nods vigorously, "Ki, quin."

The voice whose owner you could not determine continued. These are fairly strange creatures. They call themselves horses, while they obviously are not. They claim that since horses have four hooves, long tails and long manes that they themselves must be horses as well. It's rumored that one of the originals from Gavania heard a partial description of a horse and then convinced the rest of the herd that they must be quins. It's impossible to argue about it, they get offended if you call them anything else. It's not that they're stupid or anything, they're just a bit naive. That's why Silvanon let SunBlind take one here, to give them some worldly experience.

A second, younger Quin took this moment in time to make his entrance. He bounded in full of energy and fun.

"Sella li!" he shouted as he bounced pass. "Moj mirith!"

Come dance.

You weren't sure if you wanted to dance in the dark, you were liable to trip on a rock or root hidden amongst the brush.

They like the dim light as they have sensitive eyes. When the sun rises they find shelter in the woods and glades where they either sleep or munch on leaves and berries. At night they sometimes venture down to the grasslands.

Suddenly, without a word, the two quins turned and vanished into the trees. The voice too had disappeared, leaving you alone in the forest.


Species: Quins
August 2000