The Magical Herd

The Forest


Firecracker left you alone to wander through the forest. He said as long as you didn't leave the path, you couldn't get lost. He'd meet you on the other side. And if you were to get lost, well, there would surely be someone to find you. So it was on the path that you found the Seunmarc.

Now, you didn't bother to ask how you knew what she was, or that her name was Dinnsear. Of course you knew that meant Ginger, which was a fine name and matched her well. You also knew that her kind were the size of a deer, with large ears, fetlocks and lion tails.

You also knew she was very intelligent, though she could not speak to you.

She studied you as she passed by, curious as to what you were but somewhat cautious of approaching. In the end she chose to err on the side of safety and left you alone on the path. The breeze aroused the smell of the forest and you leaned back against the tree behind you, closing your eyes to stop and think for a moment.


Name: Dinnsear (Ginger)
Gender: Mare
ID: se008f
Parents: Unknown
Notes: Chestnut, with a streaky mane
Mate: None
Offspring: None
september 2001