The Magical Herd

The Desert


Well, it turned out Galen wasn't where he was supposed to be. At least he left someone to meet you, when and if you were found. Or so Zathras explained. The drigus was very friendly, but a bit nervous and hyperactive. It was a cute combination.

You worried about the "if" part of being found. You hoped he wasn't being serious when he said that. But then never try and get into Galen's mind, it was too weird in there. You returned your attention to Zathras. He obviously wasn't from the Drigus Desert, so you asked him if he was from the Dru'siti Desert.

~Yes, yes! But from a Wyld Portal!~ he grinned a fangy grinned and bounced around. Zathras couldn't sit still, there was always some body part twitching and wiggled about in the sand. You wondered what a Wyld Portal was.

~Its a portal that's gone wyld!~ he replied in your mind, surprise that you didn't know. You nearly groaned from his ridiculous explanation. That much you had known!

Well, it didn't seem like there was much to be done but to sit here and talk with Zathras. He was nice enough but you were sure you were going to end up knowing more about him than you ever wanted to. Galen make sure of that and take his sweet time in returning. Somehow you knew, that he knew, that you had been found. ::sigh::

Name: Zathras
Gender: Male
Mane: Black
Parents: Wild
Mate: None
Offspring: None
August 2000
Dru'siti Desert