The Magical Herd

The Cliffs


You take Cornelius' advice and wander about the cliff. The marble stone still absolutely fascinating, especially since trees and other plants seem to have manged to take root in the rock. This place was strange, but that was what made it wonderful at the same time.

It was long until you found another pair of hippogryphs talking by a small pond.


They stop when they hear you approach. The both cock their heads in the exact same way as they look at you, then in unison say, ~HelloHello~ which sounded very strange inside your head, like as if there was an echo running around in there.

The lighter female realized this problem first, and told her mate to me silent a moment. ~Hello, I am Millie and this is my mate Don. We don't see many humans here on the cliffs. I think they figure its much too much trouble to climb all the way up here. OH! You must meet Cornelius. He's the wisest of us all. He reads books you know! He reads them a lot.~

Her voice bubbled happily through your head, once again a strange, but pleasant sensation. Not exactly something you could describe. Don jumped in before you could say anything, ~So good you've met Cornelius and his mate already. Otherwise we'd have to help you look for them.~ That's right, how could you forget that they knew what you were going to say before you said it. ~By the way, we're from Starluck's Sweetwater Nymphs.~ That answered your other question.

They had already said their goodbyes, the ~ByeBye~ echoing through the depths of your mind. You shrug and wander off, not sure if you wanted to meet anymore hippogryphs. Not that you didn't like their company, but it will take a while to get used to communicating with them.


Name: Don
Gender: Male
Species: Hippogryph
August 2000

Name: Milllie
Gender: Female
Species: Hippogryph
August 2000

Starluck's Sweetwater Nymphs



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