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The Chaos Knight - Erin HoffmanReview

Sword of Fire and Sea
Lance of Earth and Sky

Derkholm - Diana Wynne Jones

ReviewDark Lord of Derkholm
Year of the Griffin

The Mage Wars - Mercedes Lackey

The Black Gryphon
The White Gryphon
The Silver Gryphon

The Wynrith Chronicles - E.S. Lark

Trueblood's Plight
The Fallen

Griffin Mage - Rachel Neumeier

Lord of the Changing Winds
Land of the Burning Sands
Law of the Broken Earth

Witch World - Andre Norton

The Crystal Gryphon
Gryphon in Glory
Gryphon's Eyrie

The Fallen Moon - K.J. Taylor

The Dark Griffin
The Griffin's Flight
The Griffin's War

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