Book Cover
Title Dark Lord of Derkholm
Series Derkholm
Author Diana Wynne Jones
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Category Fantasy
Warnings None

Main Characters

Main Elements

Review by EmilyamI:

I absolutely adored this book. The entire story puts a whole new spin on the fantasy genre. It shows the reader the world of fantasy from the opposite side of the spectrum. Magic and mystical creatures are normal in this world, and being normal as we see it isnt so common. The backward feel of the story definitely lends it a fun and playful tone. Character development in the story is wonderful. Down to the last person, griffin, horse, and animal, Jones gives each their own distinct personality. The story feels palpable because of the detail that she puts into build her characters and her world. She describes scenery and locations in such a way that they seem reminiscent of the real world, and may stir up memories of places that the reader has been. This help greatly in envisioning what one is reading. Jones makes her world real and fantastic simultaneously. The storyline shows an amazing juxtaposition of mood that makes the book complex, but not a difficult read. There is an urgency in the plotline that is countered by the silly humor that is presented by characters and situations perfectly to strike an amazing balance. Overall, this story is amusing and pressing all at once. This book is tough to put down once one starts reading, and the story itself is a wonderful read.

Posted: October 2008


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