The sound of jingling draws your attention as you wander the edge of the cliff. Turning about carefully, so you don't fall, you discover the source of the sound, a pair of Gryphons all dressed up for Christmas.

They notice you and jingle on over, the male carried a candy cane, and the female a decorative bulb. You knew you'd see a lot of wonderful things when you'd entered this Realm, but you never expected a gryphon with fake reindeer antlers!

The male dropped his treat and greeted you, "I'm Cyris, and this is my sister Nolfavrel." She nods her head happily, the bulb bouncing dangerously on its little wire hanger. She didn't jingle though, only Cyris had jingle bells attached to his hat and tail.

You sit to chat with them for a while, but soon it was time for them to leave and go to some kind of gryphon party. Though they wanted to take you with them, they feared that you would be considered an appetizer rather than a guest. You felt it best to err on the side of safety and watched them fly off over the cliffs.

From an unknown agency, probably from an advent calendar - December 1999